T?F to teach a Studio at IIT in Chicago

02 February 2016

WegoCity, Tailor Made Housing The collaboration between T?F and IIT continues; This semester in Chicago. The Cloud studio Wegocity: Tailor Made Housing will be taught by Prof. Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo and John Manaves.

This spring will see the kick off of another studio resulting from the collaboration between The Why Factory and the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. The studio will challenge current housing constraints and develop the desired home. At present, housing innovation tends to concentrate on the outer envelope of the building, and the recent production of towers and slabs reduces typological variety to mere extrusions of repetitive floor plans. How to improve this?

(W)ego city investigates and pushes forward limits and constraints: students will produce dwellings that fulfill the resident’s dream within a dense urban context of shared infrastructures.