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The Why Factory's Educational Offer

If you are already enrolled in the MSc track of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology, you can enrol in our courses for the first and second semester as well as for the graduation year. You can find our courses in the study guide of the TU Delft. To get an idea on what you can expect in our program, please have a look at the previous studios in the EDUCATION section. For all questions concerning our education, please send an email to

If you want to join our program from abroad, you need to apply via the International Office of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology. You can apply for a one semester exchange (depending on the agreements of your school with TU Delft) or as a full MSc student for two years.

During the MSc1 period, we offer:

The Why Factory Design Studio: Design Lab I (AR1TWF010)

This design and research studio changes topic per semester. Each semester, we offer one or more different topics. Sometimes we want to react quickly to a general development. Therefore a topic may be added after your are already enrolled. At the start of the semester, we will present the definite topics and studio formats to you and assign each student to one of the topics.
In the second half of the semester, you will get extra tutoring from a teacher of the department of architecture engineering and building technology.
The Why Factory: Actualities Workshop (AR1TWF020)
This is a one-week design and research workshop, which takes place in the middle of the semester, around the exam period. Here, the assignments are more free and can be very experimental. The topics are developed on short term (hence the title ‘actualities’) and will be announced during the semester.
Why Factory: Future Models I (AR1TWF030)
This seminar supports the design studio. Here you get some tools to support the design process of the studio. It includes mostly an introduction to grasshopper, but can also include other software and tools. The course is tailor-made for each semesters design studios and is only open to students enrolled in the design studio.
Compulsory courses

During the MSc2 period, we offer:

The Why Factory Design Studio: Design Lab II (AR2TWF010)
This course has the same format as the MSc1 design studio (AR1TWF010).
Additionally, you can choose The Why Factory: Actualities Workshop (AR1TWF020) as a free elective in this semester. The future models seminar is not open as an elective.

Graduation Studios (MSc3 and MSc4):

The Why Factory Graduation Studio (AR3TWF030)
In the graduation studio, we work in groups, where research is produced collectively before different, individual projects are developed.

The Why Factory: Future Views (AR3TWF020)
Your research in the graduation studio will need reflection and input from other experts. We help you to find people to interview. The findings of your discussions will be shared with the graduation group.

The Why Factory: Future Models II (AR3TWF010)
The course is a follow-up of the MSc1 Future Models course. If you did not take part in that one, you will get an introduction to the possible tools, which can support your design process. If you have previous knowledge, we can build up on that. Again there is a strong focus on scripting software.

You can find the complete Why Factory curriculum of the graduation year  in the study guide